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Introducing Penta

Pakistan’s first Eco-Smart 5-Blade Fan, consuming 40W only.

Most Loved Designs

ECO-SMART Nova Brave (Light-Wood)

Design of the Week

ECO-SMART Super Pearl Fancy (Brown)

New Edition

ECO-SMART Magnum (Black)

Tamoor Fans Eco-Smart Series

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"Electric crisis has been a global issue, and saving electricity is the best option to deal with ever since I have installed Tamoor fans. It has been a major relief."
"Due to the increase of petrol prices, electric bills have skyrocketed, and after installing Tamoor Eco-Smart at my home, it has reduced my bill by 80%."​
"As an artist, I love when something innovative comes into the market, and Tamoor Fans has done it by delivering delicate models, and their prices are beyond expectations."
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