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warranty claim


Terms & Conditions:
Inverter fan motors are covered by a 2-years repair warranty starting from the purchase date, subject to specific terms:

  • The repair warranty does not extend to damages from accidents, attempted repairs, negligence, or customer mishandling.
    Motor burnout due to voltage fluctuations or water seepage (except waterproof ceiling fans) is not included.
  • Correct Motor Controller connections as per manual instructions are necessary.
    Repair Warranty becomes void if Motor Controller sustains damage from being connected to a dimmer sustains damage from being connected to a dimmer.
  • Warranty does not encompass breakage of parts.
  • Components of fans, including remotes and Motor Controller, have a 1-year repair warranty from the purchase date.
  • To make a repair warranty claim, the warranty card must be completed, signed, and stamped by the authorized dealer.
  • Warranty card alterations, such as cutting or overwriting, will not be accepted.
  • In cases not covered by the repair warranty, service and replacement charges will be applied.
  • Replacement for non-repairable manufacturing faults necessitates approval from the authorized service provider.
  • The company is not accountable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the usage of Tamoor Fan products
  • Replacement Warranty is valid for 10 Days only from the date of purchase, after that product will not be replaced instead charges will be applied for any components repair and replacements.