Tamoor Air Purifier Pakistan’s No.1


Product Details:

  • Air cleaning using a three-layered filter system (pre-filter + activated carbon filter + EPA filter)
  • domestic dust, animal hair, odour’s, pollen, various bacteria and viruses as well as harmful gases are filtered from the air.
  • Filter performance: 99.5%
  • Additional air cleaning thanks to the optional ion function
  • With night mode quiet operation with dimmed operating panel
  • Illuminated control panel
  • 3 levels
  • Timer function
  • Filter change indicator
  • Safety automatic switch-off
  • Approx. 60 watts
  • the delivery rate is 110 m³/h.
  • This unit is up to 28 m2 or 301 square feet ( approx ).
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Introducing our cutting-edge Tamoor Air Purifier, meticulously engineered to transform your indoor air quality. Employing an advanced three-layered filter system – prefilter, activated carbon filter, and EPA filter – this purifier targets and eliminates domestic dust, animal hair, odors, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and harmful gases with an unparalleled filter performance of 99.5%.

Take control of your environment with Tamoor’s optional ion function, providing an added layer of air purification. Experience tranquility during the night with its whisper-quiet operation in night mode, complemented by a dimmed operating panel. The illuminated control panel grants easy access to the purifier’s functionality, offering three adjustable levels to suit your preferences.

Efficiency meets convenience with Tamoor’s timer function, filter change indicator, and safety automatic switch-off feature. With a power consumption of approximately 60 watts and a robust delivery rate of 110 m³/h, this unit is optimally designed for spaces up to 28 m² or 301 square feet (approx). Breathe freely and relish the assurance of cleaner, healthier air with the Tamoor Air Purifier.









Customer Reviews

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Zamir Ahmed
Air purifier

Air purifier is good product but behavior and dealing of agent very rude

Tamoor Air purifier is Good product...

Air purifier is Good product but threr is no related vedio on YouTube.facebook etc...and also seller is a rude man...

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