Diamond Model | AC/DC Inverter Fan


Product Details

  • Size Available: 36’& 48′ & 56′.
  • Blades: 3 Blades.
  • Speed: 5 Speed.
  • AC/DC Circuit Kit.
  • Rated Power on AC: 40-50 Watts.
  • Input Voltage DC: 12V.
  • Input Voltage AC: 220-230v.
  • Rated Frequency 50 Hz.
  • DC Ampere 3 Amps.
  • RPMs: ≤330.
  • Remote Control (RF/IR).
  • RF (Radio Frequency with timer function).
  • Under and Over Voltage protection.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
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Discover the exceptional features and specifications of our Inverter Fan, powered by advanced BLDC Motor Technology. This energy-efficient fan consumes only 50 watt at full speed, resulting in over 50% of energy saving as compared to conventional 100-watt fans. It seamlessly switches between 220V AC and 12V DC, offering three power source options, including compatibility with a solar panel.

With a high power factor, noiseless motor, 99% copper winding, and a silicon-coated electric steel sheet armature, this fan delivers superior performance. The included RF remote control provides convenient operation, featuring an auto-timer function (1h-6h) for added convenience.

Notably, this Inverter Fan boasts 10% higher air delivery as compared to traditional 100-watt fans. It maintains stable performance in a wide voltage range (140V~ to 240V~) and includes under and over-voltage protection (80V~ to  280V~). The AC/DC INVERTER FAN is designed for reliability and energy savings.


Features and Specs of Inverter Fan :

  • BLDC MOTOR Technology (Brush-less DC Motor).
  • 50-Watt Power Consumption on full speed.
  • Save Up to 50%+ of Energy Consumption as compared to Conventional Fan(100-watt).
  • Auto Switching 220v AC to 12v DC & 12v Dc to 220vAC.
  • 3 In One Power Source Options (220V AC / 12v Dc / 160-watt SolarPanel).
  • High power factor.
  • Noiseless Motor.
  • 99% Copper Winding.
  • Silicon Coated Electric Steel Sheet Armature.
  • RF Remote Control with Auto Timer Function 1h-6h.
  • 10% Higher Air Delivery as compared to Conventional Fan (100-watt).
  • Stable Performance on Low and High Voltage (140V~ –240V~).
  • Under and Over Voltage Protection (80V~-280V~). 

Product Warranty:

Enjoy peace of mind with our warranty coverage, offering 1 year for the PCB and 2 years for the motor. For detailed warranty information, please visit our Warranty Claim page.

IMPORTANT: This fan must not be used with a dimmer. Using a dimmer will void all warranties.


Installation Instructions:


For your safety, remember to turn off the electrical supply at the circuit breaker before installing the Inverter Fan. Professional installation by a qualified electrician is essential to ensure safe and proper setup. Never attempt to install the Inverter Fan yourself, and avoid using it with a dimmer to preserve the warranty.


  • Improper installation may result in the risk of fire, electrical shock, or personal injury.
  • Ensure the fan is connected to a grounded outlet box and maintain adequate clearance of 2.3 Meters between the fan, walls, and furnishings.
  • In case of abnormal fan operation, immediately cut off the power for inspection.
  • This fan is suitable for tropical climates, with an ambient temperature tolerance of up to 45°C.
  • Keep children supervised to prevent play near the fan.



Prior to cleaning, disconnect the electrical supply for safety. Use a cloth with a neutral cleaning agent to clean the fan and then wipe it with a dry cloth. DO NOT IMMERSE THE MOTOR HEAD IN WATER.


Product Specification:

Size Motor Type Voltage RPM WATT Speed Control Power Factor DC Voltage Dc Ampere
56” BLDC 90-240 370 50 5 Speed

Remote controlled

0.99 12v 3.3

Return & Refund:

The company provides refund and return on certain conditions for Inverter Fan only for more info read our Refund and Returns Policy.

Weight 7.1 kg

Dark Wood, Light Wood, Matte Black


48'', 56''

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Please reduce the price

Fan is good, but prices are higher, as the price of copper and other metals are dropped, you should reduce the prices accordingly.
That's unfair and hypocrisy.

Dr Kashif Sangrasi
Fan is good

Fan is good but the price charged was higher than the price available with local vendors in hyderabad for the same make and model fan


I received my 2 fans in time, good response from seller, I m using for one month, still no problem.

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